V Pass


  1. It is constructed on a heavy-duty robust frame and fitted with sharp-edged wide high-carbon material toughened blades.
  2. Three Point Mounting, Depth Controlled by Hydraulic Mechanism
  3. Useful for sowing specially for Tomato, Sugar Cane.
  4. Easy & efficient for continuous ploughing.
  5. It can plough through 3 to 4 inches deep into the soil.
  6. Better soil penetration capacity that also helps in effective and faster soil inversion.
  7. Working Width – 6 feet


image 1
Number of Tynes 3
Mounting CAT Cat II
Main Frame 100 X 50
Size of Tyne (Material) 25mm Thickness.
Shovel (Material) 8 mm (EN-8)
Working Width Range (Approx. mm) 2000
Weight (Approx. in Kgs) 170
Suitable HP Range 35-50