Tipping Trailor


  1. It is used for transporting materials like seeds, fertilizers, implements etc. needed on the fields and also transporting the finished products to the warehouse/markets. The tipping mechanism allows the farmer to unload the goods from the Trailor without the need of any additional labour and is also less time consuming than manual unloading. This results in higher cost-savings for the farmer.


  1. It has been designed with a completely foldable layout. The front door is fixed while all other doors can be folded (dropped down) which ensures easy loading/unloading of materials.
  2. CNC machined Hubs & Axles used in this Trailor have been designed for maximum durability & reliability. The bearings placed in these hubs have a very high load bearing capacity, ensuring minimum wear& tear even in toughest usage conditions. Bearing & Hub are protected against water & mud entry using superior quality seals.
  3. The Tipping Mechanism provided in the Trailor makes use of best-in-class hydraulic jack & pressure pipes which ensures minimum wear & tear. This significantly reduces the maintenance costs for the farmer.
  4. Its robust chassis has been designed to ensure towing & loading stability, thereby providing a longer life to the Trailor.
  5. Superior quality wider tyres have been used in this Trailor to make sure that the Trailor has a good grip on the land. This makes it more stable and ensures the operators safety.


image 1
image 1
Description 12 Ton Tipping Trailor 10 Ton Tipping Trailor 8 Ton Tipping Trailor 6 Ton Tipping Trailor 5 Ton Tipping Trailor 4 Ton Tipping Trailor 3 Ton Tipping Trailor
Number of Wheel 4 4 4 4 2 2 2
Chassis (Size) (feet) 12 X 6 X 2 12 X 6 X 2 12 X 6 X 2 12 X 6 X 2 10 X 6 X 1.7
10 X 6 X 2
10 X 6 X 1.7 10 X 6 X 1.4
Tyres Size

9.00 X 20/10.00-20 (16,20 ply)

9.50-16 /7.50-16 (16,18,20 ply)
Number of Axles Double Double /Single Single
Tread Spacing (mm) 1545
Drawbar length (mm) 1470
Axel (mm) 80
Hub Bolt (Nos) 8 (SG Iron) 5 (SG Iron)
Spring (Optional) 36 X 2.5 X (3/8) & (51/6)
Disc type Double Plate /Ring Disc
Type Of Tipping Side Back/Side Back
Platform 3.14/4 mm Think Sheet
Main Chassis 6 X 3 6 X 3 5 X 2.5 6 X 3 8 X 3 8X 2