Tandem Disc Harrow


  1. Tandem disc harrow is designed in cross disc angle. It is easy to use in tight corners because of its X type design. Suitable for hard and medium soil conditions.  
  2. Its heavy duty frame & heavy weight helps to break the clods. High quality bearings and hubs ensure smooth operation and put minimal load on the tractor. 
  3. High quality seals prevent the entry of mud and water into the bearings and hubs
  4. High quality steel discs.
  5. Tillage depth of the harrow is 6 inch. Maintenance is easy but need to be scheduled.
  6. Easily transportable as it gets easily attached and mounted


image 1
Description 16 Disc 18 Disc 20 Disc 22 Disc 24 Disc
Type of mounting Three point Hitch Linkage (CAT II)
Disc Dia (mm) (Optional) 560  ,610 ,660
Disc Type Front: Notched, Rear: Plain
Frame 100 X 100, with 100 x 50 mm Main Channel
Disc Spacing (mm) 225
Maximum Depth (mm) 100-150 (Depends on soil moisture and field conditions)
Width of Cut (mm) ( Adjustable) 1625 1825 2220 2250 2380
Bearings Hub 6 8
Scrapper Flat (mm) 6 Adjustable
Total Weight  (Approx.) Kgs 530 560 595 630 740