Sugarcane strubber


  1. Row spacing Size and depth of the ridge can be adjusted.
  2. This machine is used for the chopping of sugarcane stems with ground level.
  3. Improve germination of shoots and no chances of pests and fungus attack.
  4. It serve preparation cost and labour cost and time also.
  5. Performs Inter-culture operations
  6. Reduces frequency and duration of irrigation
  7. Reduces total cost of production of Ratoon Sugarcane crop


image 1
Number Of Blades 8
Mounting CAT Cat II
Main Frame ( sq. pipe) 50 X 50 mm Sq Pipe
Blades Boron Steel
Number OF Tyne 2
Drive⁄ Output Speed PTO 540 RPM/180 RPM
Over All: Length x Width x Height  (mm) 1580x1800x1060
Weight (Approx. in Kgs) 249
Suitable HP Range 35 To 55