Reversible Plough


  1. Single Bottom Reversible Plough has been designed and developed in Heavy Duty models to perform primary tillage operations satisfactory at any soil conditions providing deep opening and loosening of the soil.
  2. It can be attached easily to a tractor through three point linkage and operated with the help of tractor hydraulic system. Due to heavy duty main shaft, wear hardening technology in clutch box & special manganese steel share points increases the life of the plough. The plough can cut thrash and buries it completely as well as it can cut heavy soil clods into small particles and give complete inversion of the soil.


image 1
Description 35 HP 50 HP
Main Frame Round Bar
Furrow Thickness  (mm) 6
Depth Of Furrow (Inch) 6” to  12”
Working Width (mm) 325 400
Overall dimension (mm) (L x W x H) 1310 X 860 X 1160
Mounting CAT II
Leg  Thickness 50 mm
Material of Shear Point EN 45
Weight (Kg) 245 290