Poly Disc Harrow


  1. Poly disc harrow to tractor with three-point linkage system. The poly disc harrow is designed specifically for paddy field & root instead ,sticky , stony and hard soil.
  2. The machine can also fit for dry-land. Poly disc harrow is used for chopping of stems and mixing with soil after harvesting. After using of harrow on the field, you can use this disc harrow for breaking of clods and crumbling of soils. Our poly disc harrow is also used on all kinds of soils for making of seed bed, seeding bed, chopping of weeds, mixing of organic and inorganic fertilizers with soil and aeration as easily.
  3. It is ideal for rain feed areas for checking soil erosion by water and wind.
  4. High quality bearings and hubs ensure smooth operation and put minimal load on the tractor. 
  5.  High quality seals prevent the entry of mud and water into the bearings and hubs


image 1


5 Poly Disc 6 Poly Disc 7 Poly Disc
Mounting CAT Cat II
Main Frame Sq. Pipe 100 X 100
Size of Disc mm (Optional) 610, 660
Type Of Disc Plain Disc , Boron Steel
Axel Type (mm) 60 mm
Working Depth Range (mm Approx) 152 – 304 mm (Depends on soil moisture and field conditions)
Spacing Between Disc (mm) 225 or 250
Over All: Length x Width x Height  (mm) 2016 X 1270 X 1150 2286 X 1270 X 1150 2555 X 1270 X 1150
Weight (Approx. in Kgs) 400 470 510
Suitable HP Range 35-50 55-70 70 -80
Ball Bearing 32209
Bearing Housing 2 Nos. (SG iron)