Manual Reversible MB Plough


  1. Reversible MB Plough is a specially designed agricultural implement used for turning the soil levels up side down, incorporating soil residues and making available more fertile layer for the new crop. It provides deep seed bed preparation with proper aeration and drainage. MB Plough is used as a primary tillage implement for soft and hard soils.
  2. It has a pair of two sets of Mould board ploughs which can be changed or reversed to work in both direction
  3. Reversing of the Furrow easily done by tilting of a handle bar.
  4. It is easily used for deep-opening and loosening of the soil.
  5. It lifts the soil-cold and throws it on the soil surface breaking the soil-cold into smaller particle size


image 1
Description 2 Bottom
Size of Board in inch 10 12 14 16
Depth of Cut in inch 8 to 12
Leg thickness mm 40
Bearing 32211/C / NA 4917
Main shaft  ( Ø in mm) 90
Size of Main Frame Channel 75 X 40 mm
Material of Shear Bar & land slide EN 45
Bottom thickness (mm) 10
Material of Shear Point EN 8
Actuation of change of Board Manual
Weight (Approx.) in Kgs 260 315 350 380
Suitable HP Range 35 to 45 45 to 55