Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough


  1. Reversible MB plough uses for break & inverse the hard soil where other implements can not penetrate
  2. It has a pair of 2 sets of MB ploughs which can be changed or reversed to work in both directions.
  3. Reversing of the furrow easily done by hydraulic actuation mechanism.
  4. Since two furrows are used it reduces ploughing time.
  5. It performs the function of deep opening and loosing of soil.
  6. It lifts the soil-clod and throws it on the soil surface breaking the soil-clod into smaller particle size.
  7. Easy connectivity to tractor hydraulic control valve & easy to mount on tractor three-point hitch system


image 1
Description 2 Bottom 3 Bottom
Size of Board in inch 10,12,14,16
Complete width of Cut in inch 24 36
Depth of Cut in inch 12
Size of frame Channel 75 X 40 mm
Material of Shear Bar & land slide EN 45
Over All Length x Width x Height in mm 1750 x 940 x 1230 2030x1220x1270
Material of Shear Point EN 8
Actuation of change of Board Hydraulic
Weight (Approx.) in Kgs 285 360
Suitable HP Range 45 to 55 55 to 70