Bunding Machine


  1. It is Used for forming bunds in well prepared soil to facilitate formation of plots, irrigation and identification.
  2. It is drawn with the help of a tractor in fields.
  3. It is mostly used for water coservation in dry area.
  4. It can store 6 to 8 inches rain water and coservate it.
  5. It is used full for cultivation of Groundnut, Bellary onion, Ragi, Maize, Black Grame, Coriander, Vegetables, Banana, Papaya, Sappota, Bitter gourd with this Implement it is possible to lay levelled beds, bunds and irrigation channels etc., quickly and perfectly.


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Bunding Machine
Main Frame (mm) 75 X 40
Operated By Hydraulic Cylinder
Working Width Range (Approx. mm) 1930
Working Depth Range (Approx. mm) 150 -200
Driving wheel Dia, mm 470
Over All: Length x Width x Height (mm) 1070 X 2070 X 1000
Mounting 3 point linkage (Cat II)
Weight Kgs 275
Suitable HP Range 35-45