Bali Plough


  1. Bahubali Three Furrow Bali Plough” is useful for cultivating the soil, as well as it use for small (2’ width) Bund operations.
  2. Bahubali Three furrow bali plough makes farming work easier and faster.
  3. It is ideal for digging fields and farming purpose in different agriculture industries.
  4. Adjustable wingspan suitable for varying sizes of Bunds.
  5. Provision of adjustment spacing between furrows suitable for various types of crops.
  6. Hardened shear points to uproot residues and break clods easily.


image 1
DESCRIPTION 3 Furrow 4 Furrow
Mounting CAT (Flat Size mm) Cat II (75 X 12 mm)
Main Frame 100 x 50 mm Channel Frame
Size of Tyne (Material) Channel Box 25 mm Thickness
Furrow  6  & 10 mm thick
Shovel (Material) 8 mm (EN-8)
Depth (inch). 6 to 8
Width  Of Cut (mm Approx.) 1220 1830
Spacing Between Tyne Adjustable
Weight (Approx. in Kgs) 181 225
Suitable HP Range 35-50