1. Hot dip galvanized chassis, capable to fight against corrosion.
  2. Works on 15HP and above tractors.
  3. Due to 100% coverage from powdery mildew, downy mildew and mites.
  4. We can change air flow in required direction by making change in direction of deflectors.
  5. Dia.610mm, Well designed SS/GI fan having the facility of changing the degree of blades to minimize or to increase air flow respectively depending on load of tractor.
  6. Auto water suction facility up to 8-10 ft.
  7. We can change height of spray nozzles with the help of frame adjustment.
  8. Useful for a spraying, dipping & thinning purpose.
  9. 50 & 65 lpm ‘UDOR’ diaphragm pump of imported quality.
  10. Single speed  gear box


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Technical Description


Model BSPM-200L
Power required 15 HP and above tractors
Chemical tank 200 litre capacity
Sprayer Pump DW-LS-534 HTP power sprayer
Discharge (free) 65 lpm
Working pressure 20 kef/cm2
Pump rpm 540
Blower rpm 2500
Total no. of nozzles 10 Nos
Weight 170 kg (approx.)
Size L x W x H (in mm) for 200 ltr 1550 x 950 x 1250