Angle Frame Disc Harrow


  1. Offset Disc Harrow is tractor hydraulic, operated implement which trails behind the tractor and effectively breaks up clods with deeper penetration due to its heavy weight and design. Both disc gangs are offset at an angle to ensure no soil remains uncut and heavy crop residue with organic matter is effectively buried. Provision of handle screw enables it for the adjustment of inclination required for the disc penetration depth hence suitable for different cutting depths for varying soil conditions.
  2. In addition the implement being easily attached and transportable in top speeds, little time is lost between the shed and the field.
  3. Due to high quality built up and strong design and maintenance is low.
  4. High Quality Boron steel discs Tillage depth of the harrow is 4-6 inch
  5. High quality bearings and hubs ensure smooth operation and put minimal load on the tractor. 
  6. High quality seals prevent the entry of mud and water into the bearings and hubs.


image 1
Description 12 Disc 14 Disc 16 DISC 18 Disc 20 Disc 22 Disc 24 Disc
Type of mounting Three point Hitch Linkage (CAT II)
Disc Dia (mm) (Optional) 560  ,610
Disc Type Front: Notched, Rear: Plain
Frame (mm) 75 X 75 ( Angle Frame) /100 X 50 Front Channel
Disc Spacing (mm) 225
Gang AXEL (mm) 32 mm
Width of Cut (mm) ( Adjustable) 1220 1450 1680 1930 2220 2450 2650
Bearings Hub 4 4      6 8
Weight (Kg) 400 425 460 500 550 590 650
Suitable HP Range 35-50 40-55 50-60 60-70 80-90 90 -110